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What a crazy year it has been for everyone. There is no need to go too deep into what we already know consumed the majority of our year -Corona Virus. But what we are interested in discussing in this article is actually the positive impacts Covid-19 had on our ideas of how to conduct our …


Black Friday Best Practices

Black Friday all the way to Cyber Monday -is without a doubt the E-Commerce shopping event of the year.  Our agency, Paranoid Internet, specializes not only in building e-commerce websites for our clients, but also putting together Black Friday campaigns including reserving prominent placement on Black Friday deal sites.  In honor of Black Friday starting …

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Introducing Age of Voice

The latest Paranoid Internet Incubator project  Age of Voice is ‘a platform for people who have something to say’ and the latest of Paranoid Internet’s incubator projects.  We have been actively involved in the podcast scene for some time now. We produce podcasts as well as place advertisements on podcasts through our network for our …

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Dear Digital Community,

Here in Berlin as many have switched to working from home we wanted to reach out with some kind words in this somewhat chaotic time.  At Paranoid Internet we always wear our name proudly. Being one step ahead of the latest marketing techniques in an almost paranoid manner is simply who we are. But first …

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3 Ways to Harness the Future of Marketing

“Each business is a victim of Digital Darwinism, the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to exploit it. Digital Darwinism does not discriminate. Every business is threatened.” Brian Solis  Every year, new technologies are forecasted to take over the marketing industry. While sometimes speculating from afar before delegating …

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Break into the Podcast Boom

In 2019 there were 17 million more people listening to podcasts than there were in 2018. The numbers are projected to keep growing. But what is even more compelling is the high levels of regular monthly and weekly podcast listeners.  “Podcasts offer advertisers the ability to hyper target. For example, if you had a product …

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Kick Off Event

It has become something of an annual tradition in our office to take a short trip to align goals sometime around January. We use the time to make a review of the past year and set a game plan for the months to come. Sometimes in the hectic nature of agency work and project work …

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Are All Startups Toxic?

Just a few months ago we saw WeWork go from a $47 billion valuation to talk of bankruptcy in just 6 weeks. Making them the most recent in an ongoing series of Silicon Valley startups beating valuation records and defying, if only for short while, all known laws of economics. The trend among these startup …

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Digital Marketing in 2020 – What to Expect

2019 has been a year of neck-breaking technology inventions that revolutionize human interaction, and subsequently, marketer’s strategy. Improvements come with expectation, and these are what marketers should look out for in the upcoming 2020 Personalization By this time, customers have already got used to the convenience of personalized content. Take shopping, for example, the vicious …

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Gamify your Marketing

More and more clients have been asking us about gamification in marketing. Gamification is one of those hot topics that everyone is talking about, everyone thinks they should be doing but not many know how to do it correctly. You can gamify many different aspects of business, processes, sales, and marketing. Recently, Amazon even made …

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Drowning in Digitization

Problem: Your SME needs help digitizing Solution: Paranoid Internet provide a consultancy experience with agency expertise “Only 56 percent of marketing executives see their company well positioned digitally.” Hello HQ Marketing Digitization History  For marketers, we know that digital marketing practices have been around for quite some time now. The first clickable banner ad came …

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pi blog engagement

Social Media Engagement in the B2B Sector

What you should expect in terms of engagement and why vanity metrics are so rampant.  Social Media B2b Recently, some Paranoid Internet team members participated in a webinar called, “The Importance of Storytelling within Social Media’ put on by MyNewsDesk, with invited guest Jonna Ekman, Marketing Director of Storykit. MyNewsDesk Content Manager Chris Van Mossevelde …

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Rethinking the Importance of Performance Marketing

“Advertising, once a gamble, has thus become, under able direction, one of the safest business ventures.” Claude Hopkins’ Scientific Advertising, published 1923 How strange it is to read above Hopkins’ quote. It sounds like something someone said yesterday at a tech conference about AI integration in performance marketing and not an observation made in 1923. …

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Initiative application

What is an initiative application and why you should send us one.

Paranoid Internet GmbH is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Germany. What we aim to do is offer eager, entrepreneurial-minded people opportunities to really take ownership of a project and show us what they can do.  In this spirit we often ask for initiative applications. This solves two of our problems. We are …

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Introducing ePilot, the platform pioneering e Mobility trends throughout Europe.  What is ePilot ePilot is the latest project from Paranoid Internet. The platform and soon-to-be app is a one-stop shop for everything e mobility. The user-centric service provides visitors with everything from coupon codes and vouchers to the latest news and regulations. With ePilot, users …

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Paranoid Internet 6 month update

6 Month Agency Update

Welcome to the first week of the second half of 2019! New Year, New Services We started off the new year by adding Facebook Messenger marketing (chatbots) as a service. As an innovative marketing agency, it is important to divide the team between appeasing the wants and needs of our clients for the present and …

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Bringing Dogs to Work

A distraction or the best thing ever!? Companies such as Google, Amazon and Etsy have made headlines by allowing employees to bring their pets to work. But for small to medium startups, you have to think if it makes sense for your team. From the management perspective, some logistical questions may arise. Although the prevalence …

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Future Startups Report

The most promising startups RIGHT NOW from Pioneers conference in Austria. What is it: Pioneers is a conference that looks to the future, with a global community of 2,500 that come to Austria to connect. Startups, executives and investors meet to pitch and network resulting in profitable new business relationships. Why we Attended: Paranoid Internet …

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