Paranoid Internet 6 month update

6 Month Agency Update

Welcome to the first week of the second half of 2019!

New Year, New Services

We started off the new year by adding Facebook Messenger marketing (chatbots) as a service. As an innovative marketing agency, it is important to divide the team between appeasing the wants and needs of our clients for the present and also for the future. Paranoid Internet takes a lot of time getting our team to conferences to interact with the latest tech and influencers in our niche industries and beyond. One of the core values of Paranoid Internet is learning, teaching and knowledge-sharing. Click here to see more articles following our chatbot journey, including some helpful tips.

C3 Crypto Conference

In the early spring, we planned and executed the C3 Crypto Conference. This was an exciting time, and it was incredibly interesting to see how much the crypto scene has changed from the previous year. The conference was much smaller, but the level of discussion was more in-depth and interesting.

The attendees this year are the ones that made it through the crypto winter and were dedicated to topics like regulation within specific industries (i.e., media and even real estate). To hear the talks and discussions from 72 speakers, as well as to see more than 15 hours of footage, sign up for the C3 Online Conference Online Course. We have recently made the course completely free for a limited time!

Networking in Berlin

In addition to C3 Conference, we also hosted some of our own networking events, like Speed Date Networking. Berlin has a vibrant tech community, so hosting these types of events is a fun way to see what the scene is up to. 

Summer Conference Schedule

Sometimes, the pace of business can slow a little bit in the summer. People take vacations and something about the heat seems to change the pace a little bit. In May we decided we wanted to capitalize on this time to learn as much as possible throughout the summer. To do this, we attended OMR, Pioneers Conference, GreenTech Festival, Unchained Convention, Noah Conference, Heureka, and TOA

ePilot Launch!

Last month, we launched our latest internal project, ePilot, which allows users to compare e mobility options from e scooters and e bikes, to e cars and ridesharing! ePilot is aggregating all qualified and outstanding e Service providers on ONE platform. To take a look at the e Mobility options, check it out here. We have started as a web platform, and are quickly growing into an ecosystem player for the e Mobility world. Check it out here

Want More?

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