Paranoid Internet in a Nutshell

This week we learned a valuable lesson, your interns learn from you and you learn from your interns. 

Learn from your Interns

Earlier this week we asked our very smart and cool intern, Linh to create the content for a single info graphic for a client to decide which Paranoid Internet service they are most interested in. It was a bit of a hard test but she was ready for a challenge. 

The first draft ended up looking a little something like this:

A little hectic right? As a startup we are constantly growing, moving and changing. But at the end of the day we are always putting our clients before ourselves. That is why this week, to clear some things up, we are dedicating the Paranoid Internet blog article to explain (in detail) everything. 

That is everything that we are and everything that we do for our clients. 

Paranoid Internet the Digital Agency 

Founded in 2013 by Dennis Weidner, Paranoid Internet has helped companies from across the world reach their potential through strategic and targeted game plans designed to maximize the results of their campaigns.

For starters, Paranoid Internet is not your ordinary agency. We are a team of creative problem-solvers that offers solutions to help bring your company more awareness and engagement through such areas of expertise as: 


Branding and Digital Marketing 

Our 360-degree campaign services work together to establish, elevate and communicate your business DNA with your target audience. As a result you will see more awareness and more engagement with your brand. Our comprehensive expertise covers:

  1. Marketing & Brand Audit
  2. Google Analytics Management
  3. Search Engine Optimization: Website Audit, Keyword Research, Recommendations & Link Building (Organic Traffic)
  4. Online Paid Advertising: Lead Generation, Paid Social, Conversions and Retargeting
  5. Online Content Marketing: Newsletter, Podcast, Webinar & Video Creation
  6. Engagement: Social Media Channel Setup, Content Distribution, Community Management

PR and Digital Media

We know how to create, curate and execute PR & Media campaigns. We have built digital content platforms in niche industries, like cryptocurrencies, e-Mobility, health & wellness, and the German startup industry. Working with us, you will have access to our expansive network and the networks of our media-buying partners. Let us take your media strategy to the next level through:

  1. Public Relations & Publicity: Media, Investors, Blogger & Influencer Relations
  2. Partnerships & Sponsorships Relations
  3. Advertising: Media Buying

Design and UX/UI

Build your reputation, stand out from the crowd, differentiate from competition, and win your ideal customers with an eye-catcher identity. We can help you with:

  1. Design of Logo & Visual Identity
  2. Brand Naming + Brand Messaging
  3. Visual language creation (icons, corporate identity)
  4. Brand guidelines (style guides)
  5. Web Wireframes, User Journeys and Personas


Do you have a brilliant e-shop idea or product to sell online but no time to set up and track? PI loves e-commerce! Shopping for products has increasingly become an online task. Our team of UX designers and brand strategists can help you establish an e-commerce platform with drop-shipping or stock fulfillment, all while providing top-rate marketing services to target the right clientele for your products.

Events and Experiences 

We design and execute unforgettable experiences, shaping unique stories for each event and printing brand values on them. We develop IDEAS that MATTER. We can help you with:

  1. VIP Brunch or Dinner: Exclusive attendees of your industry niche, in insightful locations
  2. Branding Event: New in town? We connect you with top leaders in a tailored event
  3. Conference planning and execution
  4. Roadshow planning and execution

Niche Rockers

Since 2013 Paranoid Internet has targeted a few interesting niches which have lead to our nickname, Niche Rockers. We achieved footholds in industries like crypto, sports and fitness, disruptive tech, events, and festivals. Then we used our knowledge base and areas of expertise to achieve better results based on hands on knowledge.