Drowning in Digitization

Problem: Your SME needs help digitizing

Solution: Paranoid Internet provide a consultancy experience with agency expertise

“Only 56 percent of marketing executives see their company well positioned digitally.”

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Marketing Digitization History 

For marketers, we know that digital marketing practices have been around for quite some time now. The first clickable banner ad came out in 1993 and since then things have moved exponentially. Hotwired began purchasing insane numbers of banner ads. In 1998 google was founded and in 1999, Blogger. This was happening the same time Blackberry pushed out their first mobile email program. Soon came the social networking sites like Myspace. Companies were realizing the opportunities in the digital world and marketers were also taking notice. 

1994: Wired.com, then known as HotWired, invents the web banner ad

The “cookie” made a great impact into the digital marketing world. Ad networks developed cookies as a means of analyzing a user’s browsing habits. To this day, companies like Amazon use the cookie method for targeting audiences and showing them different products what users have clicked on.  

Web 1.0 became web 2.0 and around 2004 came along sites like WordPress, LinkedIn and Facebook. 

“By the end of 2004, internet advertising in the US alone brought in around $2.9 billion.” 

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digitization in Germany 

From a recent survey in Germany only half the respondents said that they felt they were prepared digitally. Whether it be IT systems, processes or marketing the numbers are pretty curious. Especially since talks of digitization have been around for over 20 years. 46% surveyed agreed that ‘silo thinking structure’ and lack of communication between teams prevents digitization. 

Paranoid Internet

Paranoid Internet can lead your brand’s digitization strategy with online campaigns for marketing or consultancy services for internal processes. Our perspective is global and future focused but our home is in Germany. We understand both markets and how to align your company’s goals with the market momentum. 

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