3 Ways to Harness the Future of Marketing

“Each business is a victim of Digital Darwinism, the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to exploit it. Digital Darwinism does not discriminate. Every business is threatened.” Brian Solis  Every year, new technologies are forecasted to take over the marketing industry. While sometimes speculating from afar before delegating …

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Gamify your Marketing

More and more clients have been asking us about gamification in marketing. Gamification is one of those hot topics that everyone is talking about, everyone thinks they should be doing but not many know how to do it correctly. You can gamify many different aspects of business, processes, sales, and marketing. Recently, Amazon even made …

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Drowning in Digitization

Problem: Your SME needs help digitizing Solution: Paranoid Internet provide a consultancy experience with agency expertise “Only 56 percent of marketing executives see their company well positioned digitally.” Hello HQ Marketing Digitization History  For marketers, we know that digital marketing practices have been around for quite some time now. The first clickable banner ad came …

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Introducing ePilot, the platform pioneering e Mobility trends throughout Europe.  What is ePilot ePilot is the latest project from Paranoid Internet. The platform and soon-to-be app is a one-stop shop for everything e mobility. The user-centric service provides visitors with everything from coupon codes and vouchers to the latest news and regulations. With ePilot, users …

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Future Startups Report

The most promising startups RIGHT NOW from Pioneers conference in Austria. What is it: Pioneers is a conference that looks to the future, with a global community of 2,500 that come to Austria to connect. Startups, executives and investors meet to pitch and network resulting in profitable new business relationships. Why we Attended: Paranoid Internet …

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Speed Date Networking

Don’t worry, we are not trying to set you up on an actual date! Paranoid Internet is putting on a new type of professional networking event with elements of fun and structure. Why Network? Forbes posted a recent study from Economist Intelligence Unit that found that for “78% of startups, networking is vital to entrepreneurial …

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‘GDPR’ for Facebook Messenger Marketing

Paranoid Internet Goes Open Source Since the overwhelming amount of positive feedback we received from our article, THE BANDERSNATCH EFFECT: CHATBOT N’ CHILL we are going ‘open source’ with Paranoid Internet’s learnings from our experience with chatbots. In the first article, we shared the benefits of chatbot messenger marketing. This included higher open rates than …

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Top 10 community management best practices

Top 10 community management best practices articles

Community management is the pillar of any STO social media strategy. It can introduce your STO to your audience and build brand awareness. Thirdly, it can help inspire confidence in your community. Let’s discuss some community management best practices: Invest in Community Management Investing in community management is something you definitely don’t want to skip. Think …

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