Top 10 community management best practices

Top 10 community management best practices articles

Community management is the pillar of any STO social media strategy. It can introduce your STO to your audience and build brand awareness. Thirdly, it can help inspire confidence in your community. Let’s discuss some community management best practices:

Nik Paranoid Internet Community manager
“I would say as a previous community manager, community management best practices seem obvious: be authentic, solve customers concerns, and share up to date and accurate information” – Nik, Performance Marketing Manager

Invest in Community Management

Investing in community management is something you definitely don’t want to skip. Think about it. How many complaints do businesses receive on social media channels? What if they turn into an avalanche of negative comments? 

Complaint management could avoid the spread of the negative word of mouth. It also shows that you are there for your community. This can ultimately turn your investors into loyal supporters.

Partnerships are fundamental to the development of your project. A community manager may receive proposals from prospective partners, acting as a bridge between your brand and the partner. Community managers may even proactively reach out to prospective partners for you.

In conclusion, nurturing your community is a must for your STO, Blockchain project, STO, Token, AI, Tech concept. The more successful your project the more community management becomes important for your business.

“As I designer I trust community managers to share the images I create with the perfect tone for the greatest effect” – Megan, Paranoid Internet Graphics Department

Top 10 community management best practices articles

That being said, we put together an insightful list of the top 10 best practices in online community management. Just to help save some time! We narrowed down the long list of Google search results to our favorite 10. Its time to bring your community management skills up to the next level! Let’s dig in: 

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“The nuances of fostering and continuing to engage an active community in a lot of ways surpass ‘growth-hacking’ in terms of legitimate forms of building brand recognition” – Bailey, Marketing Manager

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