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Tips to Networking at a Crypto Conference

Tips for networking at a crypto conference – MALTA Edition!

Just yesterday, some members of our team returned home to Berlin from Malta Blockchain Summit. The island has become known throughout the crypto community as blockchain island. It lies between Sicily and the North African Coast. For the Paranoid Internet team, a hectic summit with a full schedule of meetings, talks, hackathons, think tanks, and pitches is nothing new.

Just in the past couple weeks, our team has traveled to Coin Agenda in Las Vegas, Blockchain Summit in Malta and are now planning to head off to Web Summit in Lisbon.


So who better than these seasoned conference professionals to give a little advice on networking at a crypto conference? Tips brought to you by:

Rebekah Traficante – Crypto Events & PR

Nik Dumroese – Performance Marketing Manger

Cristina Monroy – Office Manager

Dennis Weidner – Paranoid Internet Founder and CEO


Talk to everyone, but also be selective.

The most important thing to remember is that your time is valuable. Casting a wide net is great. Sometimes you make a random connection in the line for a lunch spot at the event. You can even network spontaneously wondering around your hotel. However, simply trying to talk to anyone and everyone for an entire conference is not an effective use of your time. Lets face it, when you’re attending a large conference that only lasts a few days, your time is incredibly valuable.

So how do you make sure you see everyone you want to see and still have a little bit of time for casually meeting people?

Rebekah will be the first to tell you step 1 is to make a hit list. Pre-conference, Rebekah logs onto LinkedIn and telegram to make connections with people she would like to meet at the events. This way she can schedule meetings in advance and already have a point of contact. Before Malta she already had an almost full schedule of meetings, while also including some free time to watch speakers and to do some spontaneous networking.

“I make a hit list and try to have a (nearly) full meeting schedule before I even get off the plane heading to the conference.”


Saying yes.

Nik understands that conferences can be incredibly fun and exciting but also stressful and draining. His advice here is to say yes. It is important to remember to go with the flow. Furthermore, no matter how prepared you are, there are things that will pop up and throw your schedule off track. His solution is to say yes. Does someone want to meet for drinks? Yes. Someone wants him to check a booth for a potential connection? Yes. Of course, not every yes turns into a lead or networking opportunity, but being flexible can help you maintain some sanity.

“Say yes to everything! Want to get drinks? Come with me here? Lets get married? etc!”


Use your tools! 

The crypto space is all about our tools, apps, platforms and new tech. Cristina’s advice is to embrace these tools even as you network. 

For instance, when you are walking around the booths and you see different QR codes, go ahead and put them in your phone as you begin a conversation. If you are talking with someone about their app or platform, go take the time to download it quickly.

This will build a sense of confidence with the person you are talking to that you are actually interested in their project and will look it up later. 

“It is important to me that the person I am talking to knows that I am genuinely interested in their project. Taking the time to engage with their product or sign up to their platform really shows that.”


Full power. Very few individuals maintain the sheer stamina Paranoid Internet CEO, Dennis Weidner can maintain on a weekly basis in terms of his conference and meeting schedule. In truth, conferences can sometimes feel like a sprint and maintaining a ‘full power’ attitude can greatly benefit your experience. As long are you remember to have a nice long rest once you get home.

“Conferences are amazing. Networking with interesting people in the space with new disruptive ideas is what brings me the most energy.”


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