3 Ways to Harness the Future of Marketing

“Each business is a victim of Digital Darwinism, the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to exploit it. Digital Darwinism does not discriminate. Every business is threatened.”

Brian Solis 

Every year, new technologies are forecasted to take over the marketing industry. While sometimes speculating from afar before delegating precious resources to new technologies there are ways to incorporate some amazing 2020 tech into your current strategies and campaigns. Listed below are 3 highly talked about tech that you can immediately start using in your current campaigns. 

  1. Voice search 
  2. Virtual and augmented reality 
  3. Shoppable posts 

Voice Search Strategy 

Smart speakers are becoming a fixture in many homes. Gearing your brand, products and marketing to be easily searchable by voice will become a vital SEO strategy in the coming decade. For example, Voice activated shopping is expected to increase from a two billion industry to 40 billion in 2022

“Adopting a voice search strategy isn’t just about remaining relevant – it’s also about creating a unique and optimized customer experience that will foster relationships and build brand loyalty.” 

Digital Marketing Institute 

Before jumping into how to create a voice search strategy to first cover some of the basics for voice search optimization in this article here

Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality or AR is becoming THE marketing trend. Brands often create viral content with very high engagement. The industry is expected to surge to 3.5 billion augmented reality users projected by 2022. If you are not familiar with facebook filters or need a refresh on how brands are incorporating AR into their marketing campaigns we have compiled a list. 

  • Face Filters: Hands down the most popular in use. When someone posts an image or video on their Instagram story they can put an overlaid image across the users face. Users can be turned into a bunny or a game that connects to a brand. 
  • World Effects: with world effects, instead of placing the content on the users face it is projected into the surrounding area so more often using the real phone camera in the back and not the selfie camera. 
  • Portals: A completely new virtual environment seen through someone’s mobile screen. 
  • Mini Games:  users interact with a game by moving their face
  • Image Trackers: These are object specific. With your phone or device you can scan an object that the phone recognizes. After which the AR experience is triggered. 

To see examples of brands using these different types of augmented reality applications follow the link here

Shoppable Posts

Back in March 2019 Instagram Introduced shoppable posts, now in 2020 if you have not started with this feature it is probably time. 

Why we decided to include shoppable posts in our innovation article is because it is very intriguing being able to campaign social media and being able to purchase from within Instagram.