Dear Digital Community,

Here in Berlin as many have switched to working from home we wanted to reach out with some kind words in this somewhat chaotic time. 

At Paranoid Internet we always wear our name proudly. Being one step ahead of the latest marketing techniques in an almost paranoid manner is simply who we are. But first and foremost we are a marketing agency with a penchant for new technology, often creating campaigns in digital space and almost living on the internet

The Corona Virus has brought a time where social distancing and home office is absolutely necessary for the safety of the people of Berlin as well as our international friends, family, and communities. And although we are not in the office everyday, the fact that through technological means our incubator projects, workflows, processes, and client work is still moving in full force is something quite magical. 

We wish that everyone is taking all government mandated precautions. In the meantime we are here, ready to assist you and your brand in the best way possible. 

-Paranoid Internet Team

Screen shot from an ePilot meeting