Introducing Age of Voice

The latest Paranoid Internet Incubator project 

Age of Voice is ‘a platform for people who have something to say’ and the latest of Paranoid Internet’s incubator projects

We have been actively involved in the podcast scene for some time now. We produce podcasts as well as place advertisements on podcasts through our network for our clients. On top of that, we also have a couple great blog articles to your teach you the importance of podcast marketing: 

The Age of Voice platform is not just for entertainment. Think of it as an educational resource, a place for news and even some humor. Age of Voice is split up into 3 sections: The Age of Voice podcast/webcast, the platform for any creator to upload and a teaching portion on podcasts. 

In the Age of Voice podcast, creator and founder, Dennis Weidner aims to create not just audio content but a dialogue that speaks to everyone. The episodes include his story and his thoughts on various topics from those worldwide but also at your doorstep. From society and politics of the future, fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrencies to robotics, entrepreneurship, growth hacks and mindset, there is something for everyone. 

The platform portion is where any creator can upload their story or pitch. There is even a section where users can ask for funding or donations to their brand new start up or even a school fundraiser. Global communities are invited to share their stories of successes and failures. The Age of Voice platform is a place where it is ok to ask for a little help. 

The intent to give a platform for people to speak but also to listen and understand. 

Lastly there is the instructional page. Here users can find advice to create their audio and video content from experts. There are helpful tips for starting a podcast or advice on what equipment you may need to get started. 

Welcome to the Age of Voice. Check out the and upload a podcast or video, it’s time to share your voice. 

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