Break into the Podcast Boom

In 2019 there were 17 million more people listening to podcasts than there were in 2018. The numbers are projected to keep growing. But what is even more compelling is the high levels of regular monthly and weekly podcast listeners.

 “Podcasts offer advertisers the ability to hyper target. For example, if you had a product you need to get in front of hundreds of thousands of successful business owners, then the Sharkprenuer podcast — hosted by Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington — would be a great show to be on. If you had a product like Shark Tank’s Chord Buddy, there are plenty of podcasts for guitar players to choose from. Research can pinpoint the podcasts that are just right for your message.”

Seth Green author of Market Domination for Podcasting 

Greene is quick to point out the benefits that podcasts can bring in terms of gathering audiences of highly targeted listeners. Below is the Paranoid Internet “checklist” for starting a podcast. Included also is some of the relevant questions we ask clients when we build podcasts for them. 

Right now there is definitely a podcast boom. But the question is how does you or your business best break into it? Is it in your brand’s best interest to build its own podcast or to advertise on already created podcasts? For a consultation from Paranoid Internet be sure to fill out the contact form. 

Branding Your Podcast 

If your brand has decided that Podcasts are the right way to go the first question is how to brand your podcast itself. For example, you or your hypothetical company makes an HR recruitment software called HR WARE.

Should you make a podcast called HR WARE and talk about topics relevant to HR WARE?


Should HR WARE make a podcast with more general HR related topics that your target segment interested in?

The answer to this question will inform your brands decision on logos and so on.  

  • The Perfect Podcast Name: The name should be catchy. Speaking from an SEO perspective, it could be even better if your included your most important keyword.
  • Podcast Cover Art: Cover art is the little icon that appears when someone searches for your podcast on iTunes. The styling of the cover should change depending on your audience and the tone of your podcast. If your podcast is centered around a host or an influencer a picture of them and the podcast logo could be a simply place to start.
  • Podcast Intro Music: This one time cost can really up the level of professionalism in your podcast. Remember if you use music you should either gain the rights or it should be copyright free. If you are at a loss for ideas try to create something sort of similar to a radio show introduction. 

Getting Listeners to your Podcast

  • Marketing Your Podcast: Start first with the traditional marketing channels for your brand. Hosting your podcast on iTunes or spotify can also lead to listeners.
  • Podcast Featured Guests: Inviting relevant people in your industry or taste makers is a great idea if you need somewhere to start with content. This not only creates interesting stories and value for your listeners but also lends a hand in marketing your podcast to new audiences. For instance guests on the podcast will likely promote guest spot and in doing so promote your podcast to their audience.

Getting More from your Podcast

  • Be sure to transcribe your podcast. This can be easily turned into a blog post or copy for social media content. 
  • If your podcast starts to amass a following with many views you may even be able to sell advertisement space to create a revenue flow from the podcast itself

Paranoid Internet does Podcasts

No matter where you are in the podcast process, Paranoid Internet can help. Fill out the contact form and request podcast marketing. We offer our experience from creating podcasts from scratch as well as our deep industry knowledge and connection to properly host your advertisements on the right podcasts for the best price.

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