Kick Off Event

It has become something of an annual tradition in our office to take a short trip to align goals sometime around January. We use the time to make a review of the past year and set a game plan for the months to come. Sometimes in the hectic nature of agency work and project work there is not the proper time to give and receive feedback. We have found this method to be a great resource to increase communication. To do this we use a number of visualization methods and tactics as well as games to increase a sense of play and heighten creativity. Listed below are the team favorites! 

Get Out 

This year the Berlin office took a day trip to potsdam to change up settings and encourage new ideas in a new space. While our global team is much larger they are decentralized. There is something about changing venues that can change perspectives. In our experience we strongly encourage getting out of the office. For a small team this could be as simple as a cafe down the street. 

Kickoff the Kickoff 

We started off the morning with a game. Just to loosen up everyone’s minds and sensibilities. Our founder, Dennis Weidner, chose a memory game. In a sense memory is and process thinking are vital in startups and what better way to start the day off in that state of mind. Employees leave and join, projects fluctuate, new implementations to processes are made to keep up in a startup environment often takes a lot of memory. 

Ideas In Sight 

Another way we can connect projects is to look at tasks in a highly visual way. This means putting all ideas up on a wall a connecting over the projects we are most passionate to work on in the coming months. This allows the team to provide feedback to management as well as figure out how to best compile resources not just based on need but interest as well. 

Your Next Kickoff? 

We specialize in creating B2B, B2C as well as internal marketing events. If your company is interested in refreshing moments or team building kickoffs Paranoid Internet style we are happy to schedule such events. For more information follow the link here to our contact form and be sure to write Project Kickoff.