Big Differences between B2B and B2C Event Management

It often seems that most of the marketing actions we take exist in the digital sphere. For example, newsletters, social media, digital PR, influencer relationships – they all exist and can be accessed via an iPhone.

This means that offline marketing channels can be a crucial addition to your marketing strategy. Paranoid Internet’s extended our services as a B2C events management compnay back in 2018. Since then, our events team has seen incredible success and prominent KPIs achieved through events. Whether it be an investor dinner or an entire conference, we consider events as an ‘integral favorite’ when it comes to offline marketing channels.

Events as a marketing and sales tool rely on the power of ‘in-person’ interaction. Meeting face-to-face most often leads to loyalty, trust, increased revenue, sales, client/investor relations, and brand awareness – not to mention, it expedites later-stage lead funnels for serious prospects and caters to current clients.

According to the Event Marketing 2018: Benchmarks and Trends report, the majority (84%) of leadership—Vice President
and C-Suite—believe in-person events are a critical component of their company’s success.

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B2B Event Management

B2B events can be any event aimed at business partners, including VIP breakfasts, office visits, award ceremonies, lectures, pitch sessions, roadshows, retreats, hackathons, and cocktail parties – the possibilities are endless.

The Paranoid Internet team has extensive experience in conference exhibition, VIP dinners and conference hosting.

The greatest and most obvious difference between B2B and B2C event management is that B2B focuses on the relationship between two organizations, while B2C focuses on an organization’s relationship with customers or potential customers.

When planning events for corporates or startups, it is important to be pragmatic and remember that even when fun is involved, it is a business setting. For this reason alone, things will always err on a slightly more serious side.

B2C Event Management

As with B2B events, the options and possibilities for B2C events extend as far as the creativity of the events management team. Instead of facilitating connections between one business to another, it is about facilitating relationships between brands and their audiences. More importantly, during most B2B events, attendees are not only engaging with your brand but also with other attendees while they participate in the event experiences.

B2B and B2C Event Management Similarities 

As explained above, B2B and B2C events differ on their target audiences, vibe and many other factors. That being said, there are actually a few similarities worth noting. At the end of the day, hosting an event is hosting an event. All technical requirements and preparations, like venues, insurance, communication within a team, having Plan B or even a Plan C, are going to generally remain the same.

For example, for B2B and B2C having a lead-up as well as post-event content marketing strategy is crucial to getting the most out of the activities scheduled to take place. Another tip is to prepare some metrics or KPIs that let you or your client know that the event was a success.

Throwing a fun and full event may seem like a success in its own right, but try to assign some more tangible data points. For instance, did any leads make there way to another point in the sales funnel? Key metrics are something you want to think about before the event happens to make sure you achieve them.

Paranoid Internet’s Event Management

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