The Bandersnatch Effect: Chatbot n’ chill

Chatbots n’ Netflix n’ Chill? What is the difference between chatbots and the new episode of Black Mirror?

If you have internet access and are affected by the chilly winter weather, then you already know about the new episode of Netflix’s Black Mirror, titled “Bandersnatch.” The episode ran like a ‘choose your own adventure’ novel. The streaming site allowed viewers to make their own choices and determine the outcome of the story, giving way to personalized content flows based on viewers’ choices.

Time for the Bots

2019 will undoubtedly see a vast expansion of the ways in which we interact with technology. One of the most interesting ways, however, is the very real implementation of chatbots. Bots have come along way since ELIZA, the world’s first chatbot, was created in 1966. It was not until recently that the art of chatbot marketing began to take shape in the hands of marketers.

In a way, conversing with a chatbot is like a digital ‘choose your own adventure,’ but rather in the form of a conversation. Based on the choices you make or the inputs you give, the bot can lead you through different conversation funnels. However, unlike a ‘choose your own adventure’ novel, a bot can also order you a cab, help you find an online order or answer basic customer service FAQs. What they give back is so much more than a funnel or “adventure,” but it instead provides actual information or services the user is seeking.

5 Reasons to use Chatbot Marketing in 2019

If you are not currently working with chatbots, here are some fast facts that may change your mind:

  1. An article from found that open rates can be as high as 2 to 4 times better than email.
  2. The same article found that “good” CTR or click-through rates fell from 28% to 48%. (If you have experience in email marketing, you know those are very high in comparison.)
  3. HubSpot reported seeing a 477% lower cost per lead through Facebook Messenger. It is important to note that the lead quality only slightly decreased.
  4. 53% of consumers are more inclined to use a chat function than call a customer service number.
  5. 85% of millennials and 89% of Gen Xers use Facebook Messenger. This is a platform that can host many brand bots.

2019 Chatbot Use Cases

Now that we have piqued your interest a little, let’s take a look at some of the more successful chatbots out there as well as how they are using the tool to vet leads, provide 24-hour customer service support or gain insight on important user information.

Below, we took a look over 3 very different but highly successful chatbots to give a little more information on what a conversation sequence is really capable of. To further illustrate the different types of available chatbots, Paranod Internet took a look at a couple of different options. The first use case involves Facebook Messenger, the second incorporates a physical console, while the third is directly available on a brand’s website.


Hipmunk is a standard travel site that helps you book flights, hotels and cars. However, their chatbot is highly intuitive. From Hipmunk’s site, you have the option to open the chatbot in Facebook Messenger.

First, the bot requests your location so it can find flights from the city you are in. After that, it starts off by giving you some suggestions.

Instead of a standard search process where users themselves are searching through the site, they are instead having a conversation, which ultimately leads them to their desired booking options.  


Amazon’s Alexa can be viewed as a highly lucrative chatbot. With over 100 million sold, you probably know someone who owns one. Alexa serves different functions by receiving spoken commands to either help you shop for items like groceries or play music for your kids.

Alexa’s success lies in the development team at Amazon. She has over 30K skills and counting!

The commands are given verbally to a physical console, known as Alexa, which hosts the spoken conversation in the same manner as a written chatbot.


Because many people feel timid while learning a new language, especially when chatting with native-level speakers, Duolingo created a bot to alleviate some of the pressure.

Duolingo provides different bot personalities to be your virtual tutors. There are multiple options for conversations, slightly progressing in difficulty as the user improves. This version is available directly from Duolingo’s website, and helps drive more traffic directly to their site.

Chatty Bot Stuff

Chatbots can alleviate stress from the human components of your business and deliver higher-quality experiences to customers.

They can receive higher conversion rates than traditional marketing when used correctly, although you cannot just set up a chatbot and forget about it. They require maintenance and diligent updates. However, instead of taking extra effort to answer the same questions over and over again, you can sit back and chatbot n’ chill.