Business needs to change, here’s how

“How one company plans to approach business differently after coronavirus” 

Paranoid Internet

At Paranoid Internet we have been thinking strategically for our organization and its ecosystem of projects during this time. Coronavirus has given many people much needed space to reflect. For myself, after a night of phone scrolling (guilt free in a time like this) I saw a few articles about how the pause to movement, tourism, and travel has led to cleaner air and water in a variety of places across the globe. Paranoid Internet’s projects, many of which I have had an amazing opportunity in helping create are setting themselves up for a post corona world. One that is adaptable to online and offline ecosystems and a focus on common sense instead of excess. 

Below I have outlined how our projects are taking what we have learned during this time and preparing for a future with a focus on sustainable profits, community, and our planet.


ePilot is a subscription plan for e-mobility that companies can purchase to give their employees as an employee benefit. Allowing them to choose all their favorite e-mobility options to commute to work. 


In ePilot’s most recent blog article the question was raised, 

“what happens when we all go back to work?”  

Specifically when people return to their offices. Many commuters are realizing that the burden of commuting time and often the financial compensation (ex. Gas, train ticket, bus ticket) is expected to be paid for by employees. With ePilot employers give their employees the freedom to choose their commute to work from any e-mobility option available in their city and understand that it is part of the job to get there. 

Age of Voice 

The latest incubator project from Paranoid Internet is Age of Voice: a platform for people who have something to say.

Age of Voice can be separated into two parts. First, its own blog content curated by founder Dennis Weidner. Think of it as an educational resource, a place for news and even some humor. Secondly, there is the donation platform where we invite our community to share their stories of success and failures. We view this as a place where it is ok to ask for a little help. 

More and more industries are finding new ways to move online whether it be hosting a podcast online instead of a talk in the physical world. 

What’s Next

While no one knows exactly what the future may hold, it is important to approach business in a sustainable way that is prepared for a society focused on agility and longevity. Follow the links below to check out these projects. 


Age of Voice