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Twitch, TikTok, Instagram Product Ads

Read on for the latest platform based trends we have been following. If you are a gamer you have probably heard of Twitch. Twitch isn’t just for nerds anymore. Creative influencers have taken to the video streaming platform and are earning massive reach and engagement.

TikTok seems to have picked up where vine left off. But bear in mind, the app caters to a very young audience so engage only if you are marketing to teens around 16 years of age.

Lastly, you probably noticed some brands on instagram tagging not just their celebrity influencers but actual products. This method is highly successful for cosmetics, clothes and other consumer products.

Twitch NOT just for gamers.

Twitch is a channel that caters to very niche audiences and in the early days, primarily gamers. Simply put, it is an online service for both watching and streaming videos.

“Twitch enjoys more than 120 million monthly viewers, with 2.2 million unique streamers each month. One very telling statistic is that the average Twitch user spends 106 minutes per day on Twitch – that’s a lot more than the average Twitter user spends on that site daily!”

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The recent introduction of an IRL (in real life) category has expanded the Twitch user base to allow artists, animators, designers and programmers to also share their content. Jane Weedon, director of business development for Twitch, views this as a natural progression for their target segments. Weedon believes gamers are not one dimensional and that they have other interests the platform can also facilitate.


Tiktok is a video sharing application similar to Vine. The content shared is short form videos often with viral potential. Marketers beware, although incredible popular with for 16 to 24 years  (41% of its user base) the parents of this age group probably have never even heard of it.

Brands can choose between influencer marketing and original content to implement TikTok into their social media marketing mix. This is because TikTok does not have an ad platform. So if your in house creative team can’t seem to hit that viral piece of content Paranoid Internet recommends working with an influencer.

The New Instagram Ads

Are you tagging your products on Instagram yet? Interested in how your brand can utilize the latest trends in advertising across social platforms? Iconsquare came out with a great step by step tutorial for implementing product tagging which you can find here.

Recent studies have shown that,  62% of smartphone users make purchases via mobile devices. For e-commerce brands this means that making the process as easy as possible for mobile users is a top priority. This new features eliminates some major steps in between discovery and eventually checking out.

To the Future

Paranoid Internet rocks the future. Whether you are an established brand with an in house marketing team that needs a new strategy to connect with audiences on new channels or interested in a full service marketing partner, we make sure to take your brand into the future.