Will a greener future include flying cars?

After our time at GreenTech Festival, Paranoid Internet thinks yes!

GreenTech Festival Recap:

Last week, the Paranoid Internet team spent some time in the hangar at Tempelhof Field in Berlin. Even though the weather was nice, we weren’t there simply to soak in the sun; rather, we were attending GreenTech Festival. GreenTech set out to exhibit the future of green thinking through products, panel talks, and presentations in the hangars of Tempelhof Airport. We found the venue to be of particular interest. Tempelhof Field is a former airport that the city of Berlin repurposed into a park and massive public space for Berliners to enjoy the sunshine, grass, sports, and fresh air.

We are a digital marketing agency looking towards the future. Living in a time that is already feeling the negative effects of climate change, the future can often seem bleak. Just as a former airport was repurposed and rebranded into a park, Paranoid Internet’s team of innovators want to “rebrand” our world’s current future.

One of Paranoid Internet’s core values is to be green-minded while looking towards the future. Just as an airport can be rebranded as a park, we think we can take strategies from our clients and implement a green attitude to generate a positive outcome for our clients and the environment simultaneously.

Big Names with Big Ideas:

The festival included 60+ exhibitors from the likes of Porsche, Google, DHL, and Beyond Meat.

The industry taking interest in green initiatives is massively important for the future of our world. For example, in the United States, the amount of waste created by individuals (water bottles, trash from people’s homes, etc) makes up only 3% of total waste. While the other 97% is industrial waste meaning that this is waste created by businesses. This statistic is similar internationally.

Aside from big industry, some very esteemed speakers presented their latest findings in the current state of green affairs. Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Transport, stated that “traffic digitization is a promising option” for a greener future.

H.R.H Crown Prince Haakon of Norway holds the belief that “this process will be demanding, but also full of opportunities.”

The festival was packed with green prototypes and products that set out to protect the environment as well as innovate our day-to-day lives. One interesting project was Volocopter. Volocopter is setting its sights for the skies by creating the first flying taxi. The flight machine is also 100% electric. The future of flying vehicles seems impressive; representatives from Volocopter told our team that a flight with them could often be cheaper than a taxi ride.

eMobility for a Greener Future:

One of Paranoid Internet’s favorite trends in big cities are the new eMobility options. From bike-sharing apps to eScooter platforms, we love the options and choices city dwellers now have, particularly because eScooters are set to debut in Berlin next month! To aid Berlin locals and tourists alike in navigating this scene, Paranoid Internet is launching a satellite project called ePilot. The platform can be used to rate and compare eScooters, eBikes, eRollers and more.

During the GreenTech Festival, we heard from one eScooter company, Flash, that the most important optimization in the coming iterations of eScooters will be their battery packs. Flash is focused on sustainability through comfort, availability, safety first and fair pricing. One reason why Germany is a little behind to jump on the eMobility craze is the government’s stringent adherence to safety and regulation. This slow process is welcomed, however, for eScooter projects who prioritize safety.

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