ROLL CALL: Tools for Marketers

Q4 Tool List

If you want to succeed in digital marketing it is imperative you utilize all the tools and tricks of the trade. 

There are more tools out there for marketers than just scheduling apps. Also some low tech tools that can be just as powerful as new tech. The Paranoid Internet team compiled our most recent, favorite tools for new knowledge, video production, visual brainstorming, and productivity reminders around the office. 

Reach out and let us know what are your latest tools and we will include them in our next tool round up! We believe in open sourcing our knowledge with our community. So when we find something that works for us we share it with you. 


Lately we have been obsessed with It is a fast way to make videos and the intuitive platform makes it so that (almost) anyone on your team can make a quality video. It works great for turning an article into a video, simple how to or short video advertisement. 

Check some of the ones we have been making on our Facebook and Instagram

The benefit of the site is that it is very easy and fast. However, the service and style is not for every client. In some industries simple video with stock footage works but for other industries, where high quality design and more nuanced visual identity are essential, it is best to bring in the professionals. 

BOOK: This is Marketing by Seth Godin 

Back to the basics, read a book!

Some of the Paranoid Internet team members recently picked up This is Marketing by Seth Godin. The #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller & Instant New York Times Bestseller was both a fun and insightful read. This is Marketing shows you how to do work that you’re proud of, whether you’re a tech startup founder, a small business owner, or part of a large corporation.

“This Is Marketing is a very accessible way into Godin’s thinking…. Godin writes in pacy, jargon-free prose and this book is interesting and useful for anyone who wants an insight into how, and why, we buy things or change our habits in any way.” – The Financial Times

If you have not picked up a marketing book in a while we suggest this one!

DISPLAY: Put your ideas on the wall

Sometimes one of the best internal communication tools is going external. By hanging it in common spaces. Adding visual elements like Post-its to team brainstorming sessions can be really helpful to get ideas out there. We have also found leaving post it notes or the mind maps we create during brainstorms for the duration of the project sparks ongoing conversations and collaboration. 

Lastly, even though we couldn’t survive without our online calendar sometimes it’s good to have reminders of colleagues vacations in common places. We are addicted to the digital so we thought a good recommendation for this week is to go old school. Our advice get a large IRL (in real life) calendar and hang it in a common space.