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Tips from the Pros: Productivity Management

Are you using all the best services and apps for productivity management? 

When it comes to get everything done, it is vital that you have the proper tool kit on your side to make things a little easier. Our time is valuable and it is important to ensure we get the most out of it. 

What are the Best Productivity Tools? 

The Paranoid Internet team has shared our 3 favorite project management tools, some of which even have free versions of their service. 

  1. Zapier helps automate redundant business tasks, saving countless hours of work per month by connecting thousands of apps and integrating them into your workflows. 
  2. Franz is a messaging app that combines all of the most popular chat and messaging services into one place; you can even add single apps multiple times. 
  3. Reeder is the best reader app for Mac and iOS, syncing with many third-party services; it has a beautiful and simple interface, making content-sharing a breeze. 

Why Does Productivity Go Down? 

It takes more than just tools to stay on track. Below are some eye opening statistics as to why productivity may not be where it should be within an organization. There are a lot of factors that go into achieving the highest level of productivity from a team. Many of them have to do with the employee engagement, communication strategy, work environment and how supported the team members feel. 

  • 57% of employees who said they were very stressed at work felt less productive and disengaged, while only 10% of low-stress employees.
  • Work overload decreases productivity by 68% in employees who feel they don’t have enough hours in the day to complete their tasks. (Source: Cornerstone)
  • 86% of corporate executives, employees and educators say that ineffective communication is a big reason for failures in the workplace. (Source: Salesforce)

Productivity Case Studies: 

Some companies get very creative in combating issues of work overload, communication flow errors and stress. 

For example, Vodafone provides their employees with an employee advocacy program. The aim of this initiative is to engage and inspire their employees. The program allows employees to share company news and content. Within the first 18 months the program over 50,000 pieces of content were shared which brought to over 30,000,000 impressions. 

Humana finds great benefits from having their employees share stories to motivate one another to life healthy lifestyles. Their focus on centered around employee well-being. As a result many of their employees have taken it into their own account to become influencers and thought leaders within the healthcare industry.