What a crazy year it has been for everyone. There is no need to go too deep into what we already know consumed the majority of our year -Corona Virus. But what we are interested in discussing in this article is actually the positive impacts Covid-19 had on our ideas of how to conduct our business practices at Paranoid Internet. 


When Corona first hit we were already looking into podcasts for our incubator projects and testing out new methods of podcast advertising to introduce to our clients. You can learn more about our findings from the articles below: 

  1. The Science Behind Podcast Advertising
  2. 3 Reasons to Advertise on Podcasts
  3. Break into the Podcast Boom

Soon we started working on a podcast platform, Age of Voice. Many of the first podcasts were actually created by Paranoid Internet CEO and Founder, Dennis Weidner. What we found was important for the reach of podcasts was accessibility. That is why we host all podcasts for all the podcast projects we create (or help to create) on at least 3 podcast hosting sites. Listen to an Age of Voice Podcast below: 

Age of Voice: Spotify Link

Age of Voice: Youtube Link

Age of Voice: Apply Podcast

Age of Voice: Soundcloud Link

Age of Voice: Google Podcast Link


During the early days of the Pandemic many people who need to commute to work were met with new fears about the use of public transportation. They began to put more thought into their commutes and, subsequently, e-mobility. Just to name an example, one of our clients City Blitz, in this time, required a completely new e-commerce site to be able to sell their products when stores like Saturn and Media Markt closed their doors. You can find the full case study here

ePilot, the Paranoid Internet e-mobility incubator project, underwent some major changes this year. As ePilot celebrated its first year, the team had the opportunity to move into The Drivery. The Drivery is Europe’s largest mobility innovation community and marketplace. 

After listening to the needs of the market, ePilot decided to extend its offering. What started as an e-mobility subscription plan for companies has expanded into: branded vehicles, marketplace,  laboratory, insights, marketing, and cities and communities. More info on all of this can be found on the ePilot website here


In the wake of corona many businesses discovered that to survive they needed to have an online presence and move their shops online to be able to continue to sell their products. 

Paranoid Internet, specializes in building e-commerce websites for our clients. This side of our industry boomed in the past year and we hope to continue the momentum into 2021. Many of our clients received a big push in sales during Black Friday.  We specialize in putting together Black Friday campaigns including reserving prominent placement on Black Friday deal sites. Read more on our Black Friday best practices in the article here


For burgermeister we created a creative campaign. mainly we thought of creative slogans that fit into this corona era. Since they wanted to get started in selling online, while being independent from lieferande and co, they needed social media advertising to get people to order. We combined the covid situation with nice graphics according to their CI. “Burgermeister – Your official Lockdown partner”


One big surprise of 2020 was the comeback of crypto. On November 12th Paypal made an announcement that they would start allowing USA account holders to buy, hold and sell crypto. This was quickly followed by a new bitcoin all time high on November 24th. 

Paranoid Internet has long been in the crypto scene. At one point in time,the majority of our clients were crypto projects. We are also the creators of C3 Crypto Conference. Who knows, maybe 2021 will bring the 4th edition of the C3 conference. Stay tuned. 

Cryptoticker, our crypto focused news outlet, also found new highs in terms of reach and readership in 2020. 


We consider ourselves very fortunate to have the opportunity to use Covid-19 as a chance to grow and reconsider the ways in which we conduct business. Moving forward we hope to produce more online events, take more chances in online advertising practices, aid more companies in digital transformation, and create more e-commerce sites.