Agency Case Study: Cityblitz

Learning how to connect to your offline customers, online through digital transformation processes.

During the first outbreak of corona across Europe many small businesses found themselves having to pivot to be able to stay afloat in uncertain times. In a wake of new plans and strategy adjustments, all in an effort predict for the unpredictable, many businesses (both small and large) found themselves needing an extra hand to guide them in their new forays into the digital realm. 

One such business who contacted Paranoid Internet at this time was CityBlitz. Despite being a relatively new player in the industry, the German designed, German developed and German serviced brand could already boast 350k happy customers from all over the world. CityBlitz made this possible not only with the quality level in their e-mobility products and competitive pricing, but also paying special attention to extras that build a potential customer’s trust in a purchase. A fair return policy, 2 year warranty and free delivery all aided in their rapid success. 

Covid effects on e-Scooter Brands

Covid 19 had two profound effects on CityBlitz. As CEO Manuel Aberle would put it, “Covid 19 has caused many cities to consider how mobile city traffic should be handled in the future.” Despite the fact that the virus illuminated some problems of transportation in cities that CityBlitz products alleviate it also halted their ability to sell these products due to the fact they were abandoned by many of their online/offline retailers such as MediaMarkt and Saturn. 

To better prepare themselves for a potential second lockdown CityBlitz new they needed a digital transformation to be able to sell their own products in their own online store. Paranoid Internet guiding this process by first ensuring top notch UX/UI that places the user experience first when creating an online shop. Part of the brand is the quality of the extras provided to customers. Paranoid Internet wanted to add to the flexible options provided by Cityblitz. Aiding trust to transaction is important especially online. So enabling payment plan options was vital to help compel people to make, for many, a larger price purchase online. 

Lastly creating compelling online marketing campaigns through Paranoid Internet’s tested audiences interested in e scooters to help increase visibility and of course sales. 

Tips for your digital transformation 

When pursuing a digital transformation it is imperative for brands to remember what their customers appreciated offline. Often times these are matters of trust as well a providing competitive extras. 

In the case of Cityblitz adding testimonials as well a promote the large number of happy customers helps to satisfy this. 

Next going the extra mile by allowing for payment plans is something that can change a customers ability to financially make the purchase. 

Third incorporating a trusted payment process like Paypal puts online purchasers at ease when seeing a familiar payment system. 

360 help from Paranoid Internet

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