Paranoid Internet Mockup

Top 3 Mockup Template Sites

from Paranoid Internet design experts

Mockups are a great way for designers to bring their ideas to life. Typically a mockup template will have raster and vector image data. Then the designer can add their specific images to the entire image, seamlessly! 

Tools can enable the Paranoid Team to get A LOT done. And why not share it with our community? Take a look below at the tools our designers find the most helpful for stunning, quality mockups. 

Top 3 Mockup Template Sites

  1. Mockup World

From product packaging to website mockups, Mockup World has a vast catalogue of free resources to fill a large portion of your private or commercial mockup needs. 

  1. Designer Mill 

Sketch, Photoshop, XD, Illustrator and more – Designer Mill offers a full spectrum of free mockups for packaging and web design, including gUI kits, fonts and code resources. 

  1. Graphic Burger

Graphic Burger encompasses a full offering of mockup templates from branded packaging and flyers to promo materials, signage, and more. 

How to Use a Mockup Template

Step 1: Download a template

Search the sites and find a mockup template that makes the most sense for your project. 

Step 2: Smart Object 

Now you need to find and locate the smart object within the file. In Photoshop, Smart Objects are the layers which bear image data from raster or vector images. These save the image’s contents allowing you to perform nondestructive editing of a layer.

Step 3: Your Content 

The last and final step is to replace the mockup content there in the mockup template with your very on content.