Future Startups Report

The most promising startups RIGHT NOW from Pioneers conference in Austria. What is it: Pioneers is a conference that looks to the future, with a global community of 2,500 that come to Austria to connect. Startups, executives and investors meet to pitch and network resulting in profitable new business relationships. Why we Attended: Paranoid Internet …

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OMR Day 2 Recap

The best way to become experts in German digital marketing in only 2 days What is OMR? Online Marketing Rockstars or OMR is a massive marketing conference in Hamburg. Paranoid Internet took 5 team members to the event. There they attended master classes, workshops as well as networked from the Paranoid Internet booth. If you …

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OMR Day 1 Recap

The best way to become experts in German digital marketing in only 2 days What is OMR? Online Digital Rockstars Festival is a big deal, especially in the German market! Paranoid Internet is an international digital marketing agency working on global targeted campaigns. However, we often act as liaisons for our international clients and share …

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3 Common SEO Questions

Some of Paranoid Internet’s most sought after services are SEO management and consulting. Today, it may seem like SEO is a little old school, especially as some brands tend to think it would be better to instead focus on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter strategy.

Speed Date Networking

Don’t worry, we are not trying to set you up on an actual date! Paranoid Internet is putting on a new type of professional networking event with elements of fun and structure. Why Network? Forbes posted a recent study from Economist Intelligence Unit that found that for “78% of startups, networking is vital to entrepreneurial …

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Frankfurt Vs. Berlin

Recap on our trip to the Crypto Assets Conference and why Berlin may just be the best place for business Paranoid Internet is based in Berlin. We are an international team in an international city which makes us feel right at home. It is easy to forget that Berlin can be a bubble of tech-focused …

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Big Differences between B2B and B2C Event Management

It often seems that most of the marketing actions we take exist in the digital sphere. For example, newsletters, social media, digital PR, influencer relationships – they all exist and can be accessed via an iPhone. This means that offline marketing channels can be a crucial addition to your marketing strategy. Paranoid Internet’s extended our …

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‘GDPR’ for Facebook Messenger Marketing

Paranoid Internet Goes Open Source Since the overwhelming amount of positive feedback we received from our article, THE BANDERSNATCH EFFECT: CHATBOT N’ CHILL we are going ‘open source’ with Paranoid Internet’s learnings from our experience with chatbots. In the first article, we shared the benefits of chatbot messenger marketing. This included higher open rates than …

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Client Spotlight: HYGH

What if someone gave you the chance to go back 10 years and invest in AirBnb’s revenue share? Would you do it?  Kicking off 2019, we have onboarded our latest client, HYGH.  Who is HYGH? HYGH connects owners of public displays with advertisers in a peer-to-peer fashion. The HYGH platform empowers everyone to become an advertiser, regardless of advertising …

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VR kicker December Deal

25% DISCOUNT ONLY UNTIL 21ST DECEMBER  Show yourself as an innovative employer Happy employees having fun at work + Tax savings in Q4 Flexible payment model – only 35% deposit required MISSED OUR LAST VR-KICKER EVENT IN BERLIN? Click here for review + registration for 2019 Recognition Kynoa’s team have had some good recognition for …

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bear crypto market

Why invest in blockchain technology when the market is down? And the real QUESTIONS you should be asking

This has been rumbling around the crypto market for about the past month as the market took a substantial dip. While HODLers keep HODLing some crypto newbies seem like they are about ready to cut their losses and jump ship. There are a couple aspects of this question that are found inherently irksome. So instead …

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HYGH Investor Dinner

Paranoid Internet introduced our newest client, HYGH, with a night of food, drinks, and networking opportunities. HYGH is a peer-to-peer advertising network and content management system that connects owners of public displays with brands. Managed through an easy to use app, The HYGH platform empowers everyone to become an advertiser, regardless of budget, resources or …

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Fintech Fair

Paranoid Internet invited key players in the Fintech/Blockchain space to advance their ideas and practices through a science fair style competition, Fintech Fair 2018. What is Fintech Fair? Experts from Paranoid Internet and the event sponsor, Dash, evaluated participating companies based on important, real-world metrics like usability, accessibility, and profitability. Each of the FinTech companies …

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Paranoid Internet at Web Summit

Crypto at Web Summit

Web Summit 2018 had the most attention paid to crypto currencies and blockchain technology than any year prior. Crypto at Web Summit could be seen in the number of booths held by companies working with blockchain technology to crypto trading platforms. The last day included a Crypto Conf with an entire stage dedicated to crypto. …

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Top 10 community management best practices

Top 10 community management best practices articles

Community management is the pillar of any STO social media strategy. It can introduce your STO to your audience and build brand awareness. Thirdly, it can help inspire confidence in your community. Let’s discuss some community management best practices: Invest in Community Management Investing in community management is something you definitely don’t want to skip. Think …

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Virtual Reality Kicker in Berlin

VR Kicker in Berlin

Hey, The registration for the next events is open Put your info below and join the next 2019 event: VR Kicker in Berlin for the very first time! Brought to you by Paranoid Internet. We teamed up with Kynoa the creators of a Virtual Reality Kicker table to host a special event. Last Thursday evening, we invited members …

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Rise Conference Dennis Weidner

Rise Conference: Paranoid Internet in Hong Kong

Paranoid Internet’s CEO Dennis Weidner and Head of Finance Silke Schütters safely landed in Hong Kong. After their long 13-hour journey on Monday a little jetlagged but excited. They made the international trip to see RISE Conference. RISE Conference: Here, with Cryptoticker writer Steven Steel, they will attend the RISE Conference. According to Korea Times RISE Conference is the largest tech conference in Asia. RISE began …

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Cryptocurrency Wallet

How Does a Cryptocurrency Wallet Work?

Cryptocurrency is not actually  “stored” in a cryptocurrency wallet or exist anywhere in the physical form. Furthermore, all that exist are records of the different transactions stored on the blockchain. The cryptocurrency wallet stores your public and private keys, interacts with various blockchain to enable sending and receiving digital currency, and used to monitor the …

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Paranoid Internet Dives into Mediterranean Blockchain Cruise Conference

Paranoid Internet CEO, Dennis Weidner and Head of Finance, Silke Schütters, took the sea!  September 7th they left Berlin to attend the biggest blockchain conference and cruise the hottest Mediterranean destinations. Blockchain Cruise Europe is a 3-day long event that brings together top crypto and blockchain professionals. Barcelona to Monte Carlo The 3rd edition of the CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise …

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MoneyConference 2018

MoneyConf: Paranoid Internet invades Dublin

MoneyConf has been an anticipated annual event in Dublin since it started in 2015. Here gather the world’s leading banks, tech firms and thriving startup scene enthusiasts. The conference takes place over an exciting three-days. Interested parties look to find ways to change the financial market paradigm. Lastly, these key players can connect with influencers and executives …

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