3 Insights into the Crypto Scene in 2019

C3 Crypto Conference 2019-Miko Matsumura-Evercoin-Gumi Cryptos Capital

The Paranoid Internet Team recently attended C3 Crypto Conference. 2019 is an interesting year for crypto. The conference hosted speakers, workshops, and panels to gather insights and learnings into the current crypto / blockchain ecosystem.

This year, the conference focused on topics like, regulation, trading and even social impact. We wanted to share our 3 big takeaways in an ‘open source’ fashion with our community.

Here is our recap and insights looking forward into the crypto space.
A lot less about individual investment and a lot more about how corporates and different industries can get involved.

1 . A lot less about individul investment and a lot more about how corporates and different industries can get involved.

The shift has been made! People used to be interested investment suggestions but now they are looking for advice on how to talk to corporates and get them involved in projects.

2 . The space has gotten smaller -but this is actually a good thing

This year’s conference was less than half the size of last years events. But I don’t think that is a bad thing. There are less ICOs and people talking about how to get rich quick. There is a greater focus on how to some businesses will do in long term strategies.

3 . Use cases are expanding but many are not yet implemented

There were talks about niche industries like real estate or taxes. These niches could be great uses for blockchain however many are still in the ‘figuring it out’ stage and probably will not be implemented on a wide scale for years.

C3 Crypto Conference is available online with over 15 hours of footage. Follow the link here to take a look.

The Paranoid Internet Team travels frequently for conferences so it is always nice to attend more events in our hometown Berlin. Follow the link here for tips on how to network at a crypto conference.

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