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An extensive list of over 200 paid listing sites and free listing sites! DOWNLOAD HERE.

You can download the work sheet here but you have been fairly warned… you can spend hours listing your project on over 200 ICO listing sites. Another option is to contact Paranoid Internet to do the grunt work for you.

As an agency, we have formed relationships with different sites and can pass our discounted rates onto our clients. Get in touch to find out more how Paranoid Internet can drive visibility to your project.

Visibility & ICO Listing Sites

A great way to drive visibility to your ICO or token is to post it on ICO listing sites. Some ICO listing sites require a fee while others are free. It is important to think about the budget of your project before paying for every listing site you find. Some have a better quality of traffic than others. So be in careful, it is beneficial to do a little research before sending payment.

When it comes to ICO marketing, ICO listing sites are not everything. For a project to really be successful it is important to have a clear message that can be found on the website and across all social media channels. Secondly, transparency is key! For example, one way to create transparency is through LinkedIn. It should be very easy to find the ICO website as well as all the team members profiles on LinkedIn. One last tip is to include any information about parent companies or tangibles from the project that are already available. This shows potential investors that the project is already in motion.

ICO Listing Sites

Next Steps

Paranoid Internet has extensive experience working with ICOs, STOs, Token Sales, and Blockchain projects. We drive visibility to projects from both the crypto scene as well as traditional spaces. Contact us to get started on a customized marketing plan for you project.

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