Case Study 2020

Industrie: E-Commerce
Unsere Rolle: Webagency and Advertising Agency
Fähigkeiten: Online Marketing & e-commerce



The Client

Since 2016, CityBlitz has been gaining recognition in the e-mobility market, providing quality products for everyone in every price range. Up to this point, CityBlitz was only distributing their products through bigger retail chains like Mediamarkt, Saturn, Expert and Otto.

The mission of its founder, Manuel Aberle, was to make individual mobility available to everyone.

eMobility 4U !


The Challenge

CityBlitz needed to



At the beginning of Covid19, CityBlitz needed a design partner to quickly push the creation of communication assets. They asked us to set up a strategy to help them increase their online sales. Our Strategy
Unsere Strategie


The Approach


We designed every piece of communication accompanying CityBlitz’s online market growth.
We started with a Redesign of the web shop. To pick the right mood for the brand we worked with big imagery for a big impact while keeping with CityBlitz’s CI of orange and black. We implemented the right mixture of Call-to-Actions, videos and mood inspiring graphics to keep visitors interested in the pages content.


Working together with CityBlitz’s wonderful Photographer, we had the opportunity to get tailormade images of their vehicles in action. The goal was to show off the e-scooters and e-bikes in a natural, urban environment in combination with diverse models.


Through key word optimization we took google searches of CityBlitz’s users in our own hands.

Podcast Marketing

By publishing an interview with CityBlitz’s Co-founder, Manuel Aberle, on the Startup focused Blog ‘Gruenderfreunde’ we increased our marketing outreach.
Online Campaign
Durch unsere Fotografie-Entwicklung und der Erstellung weiterer illustrativen Designs konnten wir beginnen, Banner auf einer Vielzahl von (Social Media-) Plattformen zu teilen.


Online Campaign


Increse of newsletter subsriptions by

After our initial success we continue working with CityBlitz as their design partners for prolonged growth. After launching the 24th of September 2020, 6 weeks later we reached a 100% increase of newsletter subscriptions. The shop orders increased by 250%. From our customer base 81% converted within 3 days. The sessions for product views increased from 44.21% to 65.2%. This shows an additional engagement step in the customers purchase decision and our sales funnel.

250 %

Increase of customer orders by

44 % to 65 %

Increase of product view sessions


Project Manager
Campaign strategy, internal coordination & planning, intrateam communication

Dennis Weidner
Silke Schütter

Business developer

Project setup; full business and brand audit


Performance Marketing Manager

Analyze previous paid marketing activities, aligning campaign to brand identity, audience definition, Bid model selection, monitoring & optimizing, reporting


Marketing Manager

Setup social media and CRM campaigns, create content calendar, coordinate with writers & designers


Visual designer

Tailored creatives and ad assets