ePilot Mobility

Case Study 2020

Industry: E-Commerce
Our Role: Webagency
Skills: Business Models & Business- Innovation – UI/UX Design



The Vision

ePilot is an incubator project of Paranoid Internet, launched in 2019 by CEO and Founder, Dennis Weidner.
The concept is to provide employers a solution to offer environmentally friendly e-mobility services (e-scooters, bikes and e-bikes) as an employee benefit, all with a convenient monthly subscription.

ePilot is an example of how a company can work to enact positive, real world change. This project is driven by the will to contribute to the reduction of the global carbon footprint with climate-friendly e-mobility service.


The Challenge

ePilot Challenge


The first eMobility subscription in Germany

By providing an easy-to-use, eco-minded commuting alternative, we hope to encourage companies to make a step towards the reduction of their Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF). Our system is based on the use of what is already existing. With a global vision of reducing unnecessary production, we collaborate directly with the main providers on the market and help them maximize the use of their vehicles while effectively enlarging the target group of e-mobility users.
Our Strategy

Unsere Strategie


The Approach



  • ePilot Website ABO/BUSINESS
  • ABO/Business
  • Dashboard
  • App : LAUNCH MARCH 2021



The ePilot business model is divided into two categories that are reflected in the 2 axes of the website. The first being ePilot Abo, this is the e-mobility subscription service. Corporates can utilize this service as a benefit for their employees with an easy to use plug-and-play model and simplified monthly billing. ePilot Business is what makes the business model so flexible to the current and future needs of the market. From Marketing, Branded Vehicles, Insights, Laboratory, Cities and Communities and Market Place -ePilot is preparing for and shaping what the future of e-mobility will look like.

UI/UX Solution

ePilot Mobility Dashboard

The dashboard is the employer interface that makes ePilot so simple and easy to use for HR managers or upper level management. Here is where they can take full control of their subscription plan by adding or removing employees, creating classes of subscriptions, and even handling invoicing.

UI/UX Solution

ePilot App

UI/UX Solution

Once an employee has been added to the dashboard by their employee they will have access to the ePilot App. Here they will be able to find the nearest available vehicles and keep track of their emobility budget.
To put it most simply, ePilot is a subscription plan that embodies usability and ease while also creating positive change by encouraging companies to reduce their corporate carbon footprint. ePilot’s mission is to not only create something that the market needs now with the ePilot Abo, but to also look to the future needs of the e-mobility market with the ePilot Business solutions and create for the future as well.


Project Management Budgeting, Campaign Managment, Coordination & Planning, Prozess-Optimierung

Dennis Weidner
Silke Schütters

Business Development
Project Setup, Goal Setting & Roadmap Defining


Performance Marketing & 360° Campaigning
Campaign Alignment towards Brand Identity, DOOH Campaigns, Guerilla Marketing incl. Target Group Definition, Selection of the Bidding Model, Monitoring and Optimization, Reporting

Dennis Weidner
Silke Schütters

Social Media & Content Social Media & CRM Campaigns,Content Calendar, Content Creation & Content Coordination

Sarah Lena 

Visual Design & UX/UI
Branding, Positioning and/or rebranding of your business.
Communication Design for Marketing Campaigns