In 2012 the first commercial Holi Festival Of Colours TM took place in Berlin as a music festival and became a stand-alone phenomenon overnight. 

Since then, the festival has increased its number of visitors per year from 25,000 in 2012 to 510,000 in 2016. Paranoid Internet was able to help the festival planners achieve a reach of over 104 million Facebook users in 2017, as well as receive over 571,000 customer addresses.

Reach in Germany:

  • Ticket buyers: 240,000
  • Customer email addresses: 571,648
  • Facebook fans: 11,383
  • Facebook reach: 104,639,006

Consumer opinions:

  • 83,8% would recommend our festival to a friend
  • 78,4% of our visitors plan to go to our festival again
  • 52,3% very satisfied visitors
  • 38,2% satisfied visitors

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