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Tech Trends


Exclusive appearance for startups to present their ideas to a suitable audience.

Gruenderfreunde.de is a virtual space in which founders can introduce and inform themselves and inspire each other. As one of the largest news portals for the German startup and e-commerce scene, we strive to be the first point of contact for early birds and growth ups.

With a large portion of passion we report on ideas and their conversion, reveal valuable secrets of successful pioneers and tell stories of success and failure. We illustrate portraits and help spreading your ideas in order to find like-minded people.

Gruenderfreunde.de was founded in 2013 by Dennis Weidner. Born out of enthusiasm for the startup industry, the blog quickly became a full-time job including moving to the startup Mecca of Germany, Berlin.

The Gruenderfreunde team reports from the German capital with a lot of heart and soul for everything what founder’s hearts desire.


Are you ready for market success?

Paranoid Internet provides solutions to innovative projects  through tailored advertising strategies. We help bring a new wave of tech and innovative businesses from audit to success by offering personalized services. We partner with clients to think bigger.

Based in Berlin and founded in 2013 by Dennis Weidner, we are a team of young multidisciplinary talents. Paranoid Internet brings freshness, innovation and creative thinking to our strategies. We combine the latest technologies with a human touch, resulting in new forms of communication. We talk with you, not at you.