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We understand what a business needs and know exactly how modern technologies, internet and creativity bring value to it. We have a long experience researching and developing alternative marketing strategies that are now considered the future for business development. Digital transformation and the future of cryptocurrencies are key factors for your growth. As your guide to innovation we will connect you to the right partners and sow the seeds of creativity to fuel the future of your business.

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Project Audit

At Paranoid Internet, we’re very selective about the projects we work on. Our team of ICO professionals will evaluate your project’s strengths and weaknesses, and provide highly skilled assessments on your concept, your whitepaper and your website in a multi-step audit process.

Whitepaper Development

Got a great idea for the blockchain? Through our network of whitepaper consultants and writers, we’ll work with you to develop your ICO’s whitepaper structure, content and design. Whitepapers don’t need to only be black and white. Don’t let a boring whitepaper keep your ICO from succeeding, we’ll work with you to make your project shine.

Project Onboarding/Setup

Before you launch your ICO and we start working on it, we’ll offer workshops, internal training sessions and Q&A sessions to your team while we set up all the accounts you need, as well as reporting, communication and workflow processes.

Social Media Setup

Our expert team of Social Media managers and marketers will work with you to setup and launch your ICOs social media accounts. From Facebook, to Twitter, to subreddit design, we’ll work with you to develop a unifying tone and messaging structure that fits your brand to a ‘T’.

PPC and Paid Social Setup and Management

The PPC and Paid Social ecosystems are always changing when it comes to ICOs. Let us handle the heavy lifting with pixel implementations, account setup and reporting structures. We don’t charge by clicks or impressions, but look to actionable metrics that provide you with exceptional value, while thinking outside the box to find unique, untapped channels and markets to advertise your project, drive investments, and generate leads.


With an excellent team of graphic designers, we can take any concept and turn it into reality. We’re able to create HTML5 and static designs for advertisements, as well as animated video and social media advertisements to make your ICO’s brand the star of the show.

Project Management

Our crypto-focused project managers will work with you on every step of the project. Offering best practices for the entire timeline to ensure that your project has excellent planning, communication and guidance - every step of the way.

Community Management

Your ICO is more than a token sale - it’s a community of investors. Our multi-national team of community managers work around the globe to bring you 24/7 coverage for your channels. We work with your team to prevent scams, protect investors, and promote engagement.


Our PR team will assess your goals, meet with your team, and develop PR and earned-media plans for your brand. We’ll work with you to tell the story of your ICO across channels to bring in new investors to your token sale.


Our team of writers and content creators will execute custom content for all facets of your brand. Whether it be a blog post, website copy or technical white papers we can prepare content in English, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean or Hindi.

Influencer Outreach

With a wealth of contacts both inside and outside of the crypto industry, we work across multiple channels on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Steemit and Telegram to add social proof to your brand, traffic to your website and investors to your sale.


Bounty Management

Engage with investors and spread your message! At Paranoid Internet, we’ll work with you to plan, setup and manage your bounty. We know that no two bounties are alike, so we’ll sit down with your team to plan the strategies, the implementations, and the rewards that provide the bounty results you’re looking for.

Social Media Management

At Paranoid Internet, we know that social proof is key to bringing on new investors to your token sale. We’ll build customized social media strategies with you to increase your follower count, build engagement and drive brand awareness.

Email Marketing

As advertising platforms come and go, one thing remains the same: email. A cornerstone of any marketing plan, we know that emails are key to developing a rapport with your investors and moving them through the sales funnel. Through automation and targeting, we’ll keep your investors engaged and excited about your sale. While providing actionable insights to your brand and increasing engagement on other channels.

Community Management Consulting

Want to leave community management for your ICO in your hands? Our team of community management experts will work with your brand to develop a best practices guide, some do’s and don’ts, dashboarding solutions, and FAQ setup.

Salesforce Administration

With an in-house Salesforce administrator, we’ll manage your leads and your whitelist, by building forms, implementing them on your website, and, of course, ensuring your ICO’s compliance with GDPR regulations along the way.


ICO Website Design and Development

Our team of designers and developers will work with your existing branding or create a whole new visual style for your ICO website. We’ll set up whitelisting and dashboard implementations, as well as all the information that potential investors are looking for.

Translation Support

Through contacts around the world, we’ll work with your team to identify key markets and ensure timely, accurate translations of all your materials. From whitepapers to websites, it’s important that any ICO is accessible to all investors.

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