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3 Insights into the Crypto Scene in 2019

The Paranoid Internet Team recently attended C3 Crypto Conference. 2019 is an interesting year for crypto. The conference hosted speakers, workshops, and panels to gather insights and learnings into the current crypto / blockchain ecosystem. This year, the conference focused on topics like, regulation, trading and even social impact. We wanted to share our 3 big takeaways in an ‘open source’ fashion with our community. Here is our recap and insights looking forward...

Networking blockchain summit

Tips to Networking at a Crypto Conference

Tips for networking at a crypto conference - MALTA Edition! Just yesterday, some members of our team returned home to Berlin from Malta Blockchain Summit. The island has become known throughout the crypto community as blockchain island. It lies between Sicily and the North African Coast. For the Paranoid Internet team, a hectic summit with a full schedule of meetings, talks, hackathons, think tanks, and pitches is nothing new. Just in the past couple weeks,...

Virtual Reality Kicker in Berlin

VR Kicker in Berlin

Hey, The registration for 2019 is open Put your info below and join the next 2019 event: [wpforms id="7757"] VR Kicker in Berlin for the very first time! Brought to you by Paranoid Internet. We teamed up with Kynoa the creators of a Virtual Reality Kicker table to host a special event. Last Thursday evening, we invited members of the tech start up scene in Berlin to battle in virtual reality. Take a look below at some of the pictures...


Overcoming Obstacles or Walls

After throwing a number of events with Paranoid Internet, I have a learned two things. The first being something WILL go wrong and the second being it often takes a compromise to fix it. The planning of our Virtual Reality Kicker Tournament went something like this. A few weeks ago, we attended Bits and Pretzels, an innovation conference taking place during Oktoberfest in Munich. It was there we met some of the Kynoa team, a...


What is a Crypto Wallet?

Unlike physical money, storing your cryptocurrency is a little more complicated. BUT! Do not fret, we will tell you what you need to know to start storing your cryptocurrency. First off, you need to get a crypto wallet. What’s that? A crypto wallet or cryptocurrency wallet is a secure digital wallet used to store, send, and receive digital currency. You will need one in order to do anything with any cryptocurrency. Some of...

Rise Conference Dennis Weidner

Rise Conference: Paranoid Internet in Hong Kong

Paranoid Internet's CEO Dennis Weidner and Head of Finance Silke Schütters safely landed in Hong Kong. After their long 13-hour journey on Monday a little jetlagged but excited. They made the international trip to see RISE Conference. RISE Conference: Here, with Cryptoticker writer Steven Steel, they will attend the RISE Conference. According to Korea Times RISE Conference is the largest tech conference in Asia. RISE began on the 9th and will run until the 12th of July. Weidner and Schütters are particularly looking forward to the great...


Crypto Community Management – Is there a point?

Is there a point to crypto community management? This is a question we are asking ourselves October 2018 in the crypto world. Six months ago it seemed like a white paper, a cheap website, and a telegram channel with over 30,000 bots plus a little crypto community management and that was all you needed to launch an ICO. The crypto market has changed and I think for the better! So in this new age where...

Paranoid Presents Crypto Meetup

Paranoid Presents: Art x Tech x Blockchain

Paranoid Internet is putting together an event series, 'Paranoid Presents', to explore the intersection of crypto and blockchain amidst topics that we interact with in daily life. [caption id="attachment_6815" align="alignnone" width="400"] Attendees enjoy the view from our Berlin office[/caption] Paranoid Presents To kick it off we started with Art! Our Berlin offices are located in Mitte surrounded by some of the most famous galleries and museums in Berlin. We choose to hold our event right in the...

Cryptocurrency Wallet

How Does a Cryptocurrency Wallet Work?

Cryptocurrency is not actually  “stored” in a cryptocurrency wallet or exist anywhere in the physical form. Furthermore, all that exist are records of the different transactions stored on the blockchain. The cryptocurrency wallet stores your public and private keys, interacts with various blockchain to enable sending and receiving digital currency, and used to monitor the balance of your digital currency. It is more accurate to think of it as a ledger of sorts. Wallets The...

Paranoid Internet Dives into Mediterranean Blockchain Cruise Conference

Paranoid Internet CEO, Dennis Weidner and Head of Finance, Silke Schütters, took the sea!  September 7th they left Berlin to attend the biggest blockchain conference and cruise the hottest Mediterranean destinations. Blockchain Cruise Europe is a 3-day long event that brings together top crypto and blockchain professionals. Barcelona to Monte Carlo The 3rd edition of the CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise set sail from Barcelona to Monte Carlo and then onto Ibiza. Block Cruise Europe aims to accelerate the growth of...

MoneyConference 2018

MoneyConf: Paranoid Internet invades Dublin

MoneyConf has been an anticipated annual event in Dublin since it started in 2015. Here gather the world’s leading banks, tech firms and thriving startup scene enthusiasts. The conference takes place over an exciting three-days. Interested parties look to find ways to change the financial market paradigm. Lastly, these key players can connect with influencers and executives in the industry to discuss the future of finance. MoneyConf 2018 Moneyconf can be seen as sort of a spin-off from...

Blockshow Europe Paranoid Internet

BlockShow Europe – How to rock!

Once a year, thousands of crypto-enthusiasts gather for two days in the heart of Europe. The reason? To be part of the well-acclaimed BlockShow Europe annual conference. This year’s event was held in Berlin, Germany between May 28th and 29th. It hosted over 3,000 attendees and 150 projects from the blockchain ecosystem worldwide! [embed]https://youtu.be/b3H3hd5eWIs[/embed] BlockShow Europe The two-day event featured over 80 internationally recognized speakers including EU government officers. Also in attendance were representatives from some...