Paranoid Internet

is an ecosystem builder and agency focused on advancing the entire blockchain industry with its initiatives.

We are creative entrepreneurs and business developers from an intercultural background looking forward to build innovative strategies that will bring your ideas to the global spotlight.


We will offer you creative management techniques combined with international marketing and sales experience. With our guidance you can enhance your marketing strategies, create a better organisation for internal operations and clarify the future of your business. We will empower each individual within your team to develop efficient strategies based on solid economic knowledge and business intelligence.


Paranoid Internet can help you realise your projects from concept development to market leadership. We will give your business the tools to innovate into an international business market. We will show you how to understand the current digital transformation context, as well as to incorporate modern technologies and the future of internet into the future of your business. We want to share our knowledge for you to connect to a new cultural perspective based on human values that today become vital for business development.

We will keep you consistently informed with the latest trends on the market. We understand that each business is different and that each idea develops in a different way.

Talk to us about your goals and values and we will support you on each step leading your business into the future!

Dennis Weidner,
CEO- Paranoid Internet GmbH

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